Software for Blinds and Shutter Retailers


WindowWare Pro

If you are looking for a software program that was designed with the window covering industry in mind then WindowWare Pro is the answer. This program allows professionals to create estimates and quotes for their customers using cloud-based tablet technology. It is also possible to manage all aspects of a job and business with the system as you can cost the jobs, schedule appointments, manage your job workflow and manage your contacts all from one piece of software.


Any blinds business will need to look at BlinQ because it is a completely cloud-based blinds quotation system. NewMultimedia designed and created the software so it can be used on laptops and tablets. You can also have an ecommerce platform set up for your retail business with the system. Some of the features you will find with the software include:

• Editing price sheets by percentage or cost

• The importing of unlimited price sheets

• Accessing customer details

• Remote quotation access

• Quotation history

• Search by email, phone or name

• Everyday securing and backup of data

• Emailing of quotes directly to customers

• Exporting of order sheets

• Payment detail records

• Discounts for customers by percentage or amount

• Running on Android, Windows and IOs

Flashecom eBlinds

If you are looking for software that has been made specifically for the blinds and shutter resellers then Flashecom eBlinds is the right system for you. This software offers a quick quote search menu that allows customers to quickly and easily calculator the costs of blinds. This can be done by material and size before any orders are placed. This will decrease the guess work for your customers and will increase the number of sales you make. There are other features such as Attributes where customers can select details of the blinds like the style, color and material.

Drape And Blind Software

It is possible to find drape and blind software for retailers and for manufacturers. The retail packages will produce quotes on-the-spot for a range of window treatments. The system will also create worksheets and orders automatically as well as track the jobs, the job profitability and can provide a range of management reports. The system also offers an easy interface to common accounting packages such as Quickbooks and MYOB which limits the amount of paperwork needed and decreases errors.

This is the best type of software if you are a retailer of outdoor blinds sydney because you can actually choose from a lot of different suppliers and fabrics within the software.

The software will also streamline your order and quote processes which mean that you will be spending less time with each customer. You can use the meetings with your clients to sell products instead of taking the time to calculate complicated costs by hand. You will also be able to close your sales in a single visit because you can explore a number of scenarios and cost options with the client at one time.

While you are creating quotes you will also be able to track your costs and profits. The creation of professional instant quotes will also help you increase conversions while reducing the number of errors and reworks needed. The system also helps you keep up to date with changing fabrics and prices.

The manufacturing package allows manufacturers to enter orders and schedule production while keeping track of current inventory all at once. You will also be able to raise purchase orders for supplies and interface to your accounting systems. The accounting systems that are supported include Quickbooks, XERO and MYOB.

WoW Retail Software

If you are unhappy with a manual system for your drape and curtain retailer system then this software is ideal. WoW offers a quoting and ordering system that allows you to produce documents quickly and easily. This system is tailored to the soft furnishings industry unlike many other general purpose software packages.

There are 3 versions of the software including:

• The professional version which is ideal for sole traders and small or medium businesses. You can use this for your multi-user head office and for mobile consultations working on laptops.

• The lite version which is for sole traders and small businesses. This is for businesses with limited ranges and companies that does not require extensive support.

• The corporate version which is recommended for franchises and multi-location store. This can be configured to suit your operational needs.

The Best Software for Asbestos Removal Businesses

When working with asbestos, it is important to maintain control over all operations. Below are a few great options for managing asbestos operations.


Tracker is an asbestos management software that is perfect for a variety of asbestos operations. These include asbestos reinspections, surveying, and removal. It may also be used for health and safety assessments, and risk assessment, including water and air quality and fire risk.

Tracker is a management software designed to help those in the asbestos industry keep track of all operations. This software can be used by asbestos consultants, operations managers, and surveyors and was designed with the customer in mind.

The software allows you to fully automate all data capture using portable, palmtop computers. Everything can be done from the field. Surveyors can input all data directly from anywhere. There is no need to return to the office to complete their work.

One of the unique features of Tracker is the ability to do everything with just one click of the button. Everything, from initial quotes to the final report can be produced with one application.

Alpha Tracker

From the same company that developed Tracker, Alpha Tracker takes it a step further with this new web-based software. This software is perfect for use by asbestos consultants and surveyors. Asbestos consultancies of any size will find this to be very good and effective asbestos operations management software.

Alpha Tracker took almost two years to create and now provides all the benefits of the original, plus the ease of web-based applications. This is operations management software that can be used on any web-enabled device.

Since it is web-based, Alpha Tracker will run on any web-enabled device and in any web browser. There is no need to download any software or install it on a particular device. It is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

Today’s business environment is often operated in the “Cloud” and Alpha Tracker makes this an easy transition for asbestos operations. It is designed to easily install and operate from any cloud-based platform.

If you have a business that does asbestos removal Perth you need to make sure the areas you work in have sufficient 3G and 4G internet access so the Cloud based system can be used while on the road.


AIMS Dutyholder Total Asbestos Management

AIMS Dutyholder is built to help building and facility managers track and manage asbestos operations. It is designed to meet all MDHS100 guidelines and comply with all requirements under the Control of Asbestos Regulations dated 2006. This software provides a variety of tools to help manage asbestos operations. These include tools to facilitate inputting survey information, conduct risk assessment, manage all inspections, and oversee and conduct remedial and removal operations.

ADAM Asbestos Management Software

ADAM Asbestos Management Software is a user-friendly system for managing asbestos operations. It helps managers oversee and track asbestos operations for a single facility or several facilities. This software is designed to help building managers and owners conduct and manage asbestos operations. It tracks all pertinent processes, including abatement activities, locations of asbestos presence, and any pertinent documentation concerning asbestos operations. The ADAM software will also automatically generate any specific or relevant OSHA compliant notifications.

The ADAM software is capable of operating in either single user mode or in a client-server, multi-user operation. It is available for both MAC and PC operating systems.


The OCTFOLIO software provides asbestos management using a web-based user interface. Users can easily and quickly manage all asbestos operations from any web-enabled device. Anyone can conduct and manage all asbestos operations using one of these software packages. Any and all processes, updates, and reports can be easily and quickly completed.

Home Security Systems (Installed by Locksmiths)

The advent of modern technology came with such benefits as the possibility of setting up a smart home where you can control almost every electronic device that is in your house (like lights, vacuums, thermostats and even door locks) from a remote location using nothing but a smartphone and an app. It also made smart security systems viable, fairly affordable and very customisable.

As a matter of fact, smart security systems are now available in small-scale do-it-yourself kits as well as large-scale setups that require lots of resources and professional installation. Whereas small-scale smart systems come in packages that you can monitor and manage yourself, large-scale ones are designed to send and receive information automatically to various destinations (like police and fire departments) for more efficient monitoring and management. As is the case with any system, the more complex it is the better the results and of course the higher the installation and management expenses.


This article contains factors that you should focus on when selecting your security system. We have included some recommended systems for your consideration. Each one of them has been tested and proven to be satisfactory.

1. System parts

A typical smart security system should have connectivity with your home Wi-Fi in order for you to monitor it remotely using a smartphone. If it is an entry-level system then it should comprise of some motion detectors, door and window sensors, and a wireless communication hub like Zigbee, Wi-Fi, or a proprietary mesh network. The number of doors and windows depend on how much coverage you need. If you want a very comprehensive system then you can also cover the garage and include other components like outdoor surveillance cameras, water sensors, sirens, and more.

2. Integration

The various components of your home security system should work seamlessly to produce the desired outcomes. A great system should allow you to manipulate each component individually and the system as a whole. Furthermore, it should be able to follow specific commands. For instance, you might want your home windows to open automatically when the smoke alarm goes off; your system should be able to execute such a command effectively.

Storage of information is another important part of the integration. A great smart home security systems is one that can store information in video or image form either on a local SD card or a cloud based memory. Each of the storage platforms has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, local storage is cheap but there is always the risk of overwriting new information over old but important info. On the other hand, cloud-based storage offers reliable storage space that has no risk of overwriting. However, you can lose all new information if your internet connection develops a hitch. It is also expensive to install and maintain.

3. Installation by Locksmiths

The installation of your system may vary in difficulty depending on the extent of the security. Trusty Locksmith – a Canberra locksmith company installs these systems with ease and can do the complete system install in one day including wiring and control panel installation.

The final piece of integration is remote control. You should be able to control the whole system using your smartphone and app. Since it is a security system, the most important functions are arming, disarming and communicating. Most modern systems allow you to customize your security standards and decide when it should arm or disarm. Such functions come with notification alerts to your smartphone so that you are able to dictate how it should react in every possible event regardless of where you are. Some also allow you to do other things like add and delete components, change some settings remotely, silence alarms, lock or unlock doors and many other functions.

Best Choice Between DIY and Pro Systems?

There are no rules that can bar you from choosing any of the two types of smart home security systems. Having said that, it is important to note that DIY systems like SimpliSafe Home Security System, iSmartAlarm, and SkylinkNet Alarm System are ideal for you if you are on a budget. Most of them come in kits that are customizable to suit your specific needs. You can always add or remove components depending on how your needs change over time.


CRM Software for Small Business

CRM is an acronym of customer relationship management. CRM solution is an alternative solution for small as well as midsized business, and is an ultimate solution for all kinds of business which are scaled down to several versions of rigid, monolithic enterprise systems. A customer relationship management (CRM) solution is a tool or channel that helps you to strengthen relationship with customers throughout your business career.

This article will focus on the vital aspects of 5 Great Small Business CRM Products which can leave better results on some key business functions, for instance Marketing, Customer service, and sales within an Organization:

1.Better customer experience: By using CRM solutions, user can build strong customer database, and keep adding important information about existing customer’s details as well as new customer’s details and categorize the same on the basis of their needs. Besides this, it is a time saving solution as it easily identifies customer and cross-sell its products and services based on the requirements through ongoing business deals related to a specific industry.

2.High sales team performance: it registers a great sales team performance, which enables you to get direct access to key information about your company’s existing leads and opportunities. Moreover, sales team members can dexterously track and manage relationships and skillfully in cash all opportunities and accounts. To add, CRM solutions helps you in keeping yourself up to date with needs of present clients, track records of activities of sales team members. It also recognizes new opportunities based on assessment of purchase history of a particular customer.

3.Better efficiency of marketing campaigns and activity’s: CRM solutions helps you in managing with the marketing managers, and also enables you put a check all aspects of marketing process. It informs you regarding all commercial gestures, right from the marketing process to tracking leafs and also measuring return and its impact on specific marketing tactics.

4.Improve senior management performance: it is very difficult to access all information regarding your business, if you are sitting at some senior position. Thus, through CRM solutions senior managers can have complete glimpse of their company via graphs, reports, gained from the input fed into the CRM solution. As a senior manager you will be able take better decision and hence improve growth of the organization.

5.Enjoy competitive advantage: people still rely more on small scale industries as it is easy to manage with and also quite flexible in approach. It helps you to understand better customer needs and build stronger customer relation. Further, CRM solution in India enables larger companies to operate smoothly and thus achieve higher cutting edge.
To conclude, a CRM solution helps to gain higher business aims, attain better customer satisfaction, and churn out better returns from existing customers and decrease costs concerned with supporting and servicing. To add, CRM solutions in India helps to add on several profitable innings to an organization, enabling its user to focus on potential customers. CRM solutions simplify marketing and sales procedure and allow its user to identify customer needs immediately. One of the incredible benefits of CRM solutions is its potential to share information and knowledge with other user in all departments of firm.

Finding the Best SAAS CRM

Growth in today’s business environment can only be achieved by automating critical factors.

It is important to say that competition rules the business world today.Huge measures have been taken in the field of information technology, to give birth to the concept of SAAS CRM software for sales services. Small businesses have also started using this software and the best CRM for small business that was developed strictly focuses on customer orientation with response services as a principal feature.

The best CRM for small businesses is a customized software solution that meets the individual needs of a customer while also enhancing online communication with all customers and service centers that a small business may have. This in turn effectively solves customer related issues in the shortest possible time. The additional advantage is that in future, it ensures the product or service’s brand image and reliability.

The current business scenario dictates that the best CRM Software for Small Business will implement analysis processes for sales promotional models, automate the entire sales force and strategies and help track the client’s sales account history for sales in future. More importantly, one of its principal functions would be to set up a perpetual link for coordination between sales, call centers and retail outlets. Specific software relating to data warehousing is also available that takes note of average transaction information, merging it with products related to CRM and to provide key performance indicators.

This customized software is also usable in opportunity management which enables a business to identity and tackle unforeseen growth and demand. The software will also implement an appropriate forecasting model which integrates the sales history with predicted or projected sales. Certain CRM systems are also developed to track and measure numerous marketing campaigns that are started simultaneously through various networks. These are enabled to track sales and online customer analysis.

For small businesses particularly, CRM software is developed in a manner that comprises a contact management system which integrates emails, faxes, documents, jobs as also individual account schedules. Customer centricity is the principal focus of this software and customer preference is given the maximum importance. Customer leverage here is secondary. This no doubt, adds enormous value by way of effective engagement between individuals or customers.

The right CRM software, when properly implemented, helps smaller companies to promptly identify sales opportunities that they may often miss. This is mostly due to ignorance of relevant information which may also be wrongly communicated or misused. This software manages all relevant marketing communications, client relationships and also records relating to customer services and lead to the capture of data points to generate additional leads that maximize or improve upon sales revenue. The use of this software also leads to the reduction of marketing costs as they capably judge a prospective lead’s potential, show the right engagement levels and contact time.

This makes it possible for the right sales person to get qualified leads for scoring and missed opportunities are eliminated. They can also manage and track campaigns launched on available information and for making the right marketing budgets in future.