When working with asbestos, it is important to maintain control over all operations. Below are a few great options for managing asbestos operations.


Tracker is an asbestos management software that is perfect for a variety of asbestos operations. These include asbestos reinspections, surveying, and removal. It may also be used for health and safety assessments, and risk assessment, including water and air quality and fire risk.

Tracker is a management software designed to help those in the asbestos industry keep track of all operations. This software can be used by asbestos consultants, operations managers, and surveyors and was designed with the customer in mind.

The software allows you to fully automate all data capture using portable, palmtop computers. Everything can be done from the field. Surveyors can input all data directly from anywhere. There is no need to return to the office to complete their work.

One of the unique features of Tracker is the ability to do everything with just one click of the button. Everything, from initial quotes to the final report can be produced with one application.

Alpha Tracker

From the same company that developed Tracker, Alpha Tracker takes it a step further with this new web-based software. This software is perfect for use by asbestos consultants and surveyors. Asbestos consultancies of any size will find this to be very good and effective asbestos operations management software.

Alpha Tracker took almost two years to create and now provides all the benefits of the original, plus the ease of web-based applications. This is operations management software that can be used on any web-enabled device.

Since it is web-based, Alpha Tracker will run on any web-enabled device and in any web browser. There is no need to download any software or install it on a particular device. It is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

Today’s business environment is often operated in the “Cloud” and Alpha Tracker makes this an easy transition for asbestos operations. It is designed to easily install and operate from any cloud-based platform.

If you have a business that does asbestos removal Perth you need to make sure the areas you work in have sufficient 3G and 4G internet access so the Cloud based system can be used while on the road.


AIMS Dutyholder Total Asbestos Management

AIMS Dutyholder is built to help building and facility managers track and manage asbestos operations. It is designed to meet all MDHS100 guidelines and comply with all requirements under the Control of Asbestos Regulations dated 2006. This software provides a variety of tools to help manage asbestos operations. These include tools to facilitate inputting survey information, conduct risk assessment, manage all inspections, and oversee and conduct remedial and removal operations.

ADAM Asbestos Management Software

ADAM Asbestos Management Software is a user-friendly system for managing asbestos operations. It helps managers oversee and track asbestos operations for a single facility or several facilities. This software is designed to help building managers and owners conduct and manage asbestos operations. It tracks all pertinent processes, including abatement activities, locations of asbestos presence, and any pertinent documentation concerning asbestos operations. The ADAM software will also automatically generate any specific or relevant OSHA compliant notifications.

The ADAM software is capable of operating in either single user mode or in a client-server, multi-user operation. It is available for both MAC and PC operating systems.


The OCTFOLIO software provides asbestos management using a web-based user interface. Users can easily and quickly manage all asbestos operations from any web-enabled device. Anyone can conduct and manage all asbestos operations using one of these software packages. Any and all processes, updates, and reports can be easily and quickly completed.